Spare parts management in the Dutch harbour.

“Thanks to Gordian RWG contains a high tech spare parts management.”

Anne Terlouw Manager Projects Africa - Gordian SA


The numbers tell the tale

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

RWG and Gordian were able to arrange the warehouse in such a way that all the spare parts could be stored. The next step for RWG was to work correctly with the ERP-system and the maintenance management system. To support RWG in this process, Gordian developed procedures in regard to receiving goods, issuing goods, cycle count, assortment management and purchasing. With these, every one acts the same way so that the data in the systems will stay correct.

The current maintenance management systems and ERP systems have limited capabilities in regard to spare parts planning. Therefore Gordian attached her own ‘SPM Studio’ to the Maintenance Management system Maximo. The ‘SPM Studio’ calculates the optimal reorder points and order quantities by using the advices from the Original Equipment Manufacturers and the Maintenance Engineer. Next to this the KPI’s will measure the performance of the processes monthly. An example is the delivery performance to the internal customer. By measuring this it is possible to detect problems in an early phase.


A reliable stock

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

By starting early with optimizing the spare part management RWG is fully in control of her spare parts stock. Despite the small warehouse, an efficient design enables RWG to store all the necessary spare parts. Furthermore the internal customer is able to rely on the logistics due to processes which are designed by taking into account the consequences on the work floor. The IT is arranged in such a way that the performances can be measured and the reorder parameters can be set optimally. This will lead to a reliable stock which is desirable for RWG.
How can this be maintained? To achieve this Gordian will use Planning Services. Based on the monthly KPI’s and the experience of the maintenance engineers the reorder parameters will be adjusted to maintain the desired service level.

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