RET improves its spare parts management

The tactical inventory planning process is now part of the organization and RET gratefully makes use of the Planning Services that Gordian offers


Searching for the right mix of planning concepts

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The spare parts assortment of RET consists of over 20,000 different items, divided over multiple locations in Rotterdam, each with its own demand and supply characteristics. It is impossible to give the same level of attention to each item, hence the spare parts had to be categorized.

Together with a consultant of Gordian, the tactical inventory planner formulated a planning concept for each category of spare parts. For this purpose, RET made use of the specific knowledge that Gordian has in this area. The planning concepts have been included in the software services that Gordian provides to RET.


Set right focus on availability, working capital and operational costs

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With the planning concepts and software, RET is able to set focus on the right spare parts and interventions in order to achieve its inventory reduction targets. Periodic coaching of a Gordian consultant makes sure that the planning concepts and algorithms are up-to-date and will be continuously improved.

RET was able to reduce its inventory value with 30% while keeping the availability at a constant level. The bottom line is that using Gordian software and continuously improving its planning concepts contributes to the high level of service that RET aims for.

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