Working at Gordian…

Through years of experience, Gordian has become a knowledge creator and an innovative business specialist in the field of logistics services and spare parts management. Gordian can help its customers get ahead by working together; achieving joint ambitions that would not be achievable for one person alone. Working at Gordian means that you will be dealing with a variety of challenging projects – in the form of projects or otherwise – at different locations.

In these projects you will be acting as a perceptive business partner who combines well-founded academic knowledge with practical skills and, in collaboration with the customer, you will be looking for sustainable business solutions. You work in a small team, consisting of varying team members, and have a great deal of contact with customers, as well as the various stakeholders and project members.

Gordian attaches great importance to knowledge and the sharing of knowledge amongst colleagues. Every consultant, project or interim manager has completed logistics studies and most employees have extensive practical experience employing logistics techniques. The company has an open structure, enabling everyone to share innovative ideas and experiences with one another. You will have many opportunities to suggest your own ideas, which is also actively encouraged.

Your career is tailored to you and, therefore, Gordian has several career paths. You can join at different levels and can choose to specialise or be an all-rounder. We use this web page to display our current job openings. If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Internship Graduation Thesis Master

Junior Service Supply Chain Consultant

Service Supply Chain Consultant