Varian changes logistics services provider with minimal impact on the current operations.

Broadening the traditional logistical scope is essential for improving logistics performance. Logistics is often thought to be simply warehousing, distribution and inventory management. But this definition is no longer sufficient: logistics interacts with system design, maintenance concepts, service strategies, with make/buy decisions and the design of smart partnerships with suppliers. Making this notion of logistics practical for you: that’s the primary purpose of our consultancy service and you will see this reflected in the different value programs.


Which service propositions do I want to put on the market and what are their logistical implications?

Service provision is big business, but setting up a substantial and profitable business is not easy. The costs of the service (logistical) infrastructure can be enormous, and this puts net margins at risk. Therefore it is essential that service offers to customers take the implications for service logistics processes into account. This value program helps you with the multidisciplinary development of effective and profitable service strategies.

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How do I transform my company into a service-oriented company which bases its continuity on delivering services service?

Service Business Transformation is a change process making service the foundation of a manufacturing business, and making service thé margin generator. Therefore, the delivery of service distinguishes the leaders from the followers. However, it is not immediately obvious how to carry out a successful transformation. Having a vision to deliver service is one thing; actually being able to deliver that service is a different story. Our experienced consultants will help you to successfully transform your company!


How can I reduce my working capital in a controlled manner? In other words, how can I improve the balance between working capital, stock availability and operational costs? 

There are many reasons for businesses to hold excessive inventories. The introduction of smart scheduling algorithms alone will not form the foundation of a lasting solution. Therefore, in our programs we focus on limiting uncertainties by making the demand for parts more predictable and by sharing risks with suppliers. We also pay attention to rationalising and standardising planning behaviour.


How do I create a more transparent, more efficient and better performing supply chain? 

There are a million ways to improve the supply chain. But, where should you begin? And how can you make sure that you not only do things right, but also do the right things? Are you looking for the right measures to increase transparency, reduce  costs in and improve performance? You can achieve this with our “Supply Chain Excellence Program,” starting with an intense, overall review of the supply chain. Depending on the project definition, we use various techniques such as supply chain design, lean logistics or warehouse optimisation.


How do I change my current ineffective cooperation with key suppliers into a sustainable symbiotic partnership?

Customers and suppliers who have been working together for ages have come to know/realised that they need each other. However, this type of partnership usually involves going from one frustration to the next. Usually there are no misunderstandings about the important things: the customer wants to minimise total costs of ownership and the supplier wants a sustainable business model. Harmonising these interests is a challenge and the root of most disagreements. Gordian facilitates in bringing these parties together by focusing on common grounds and the development of trust. Together we are able to realise your ambitions by shaping your supply chain partnership.

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