Varian changes logistics services provider with minimal impact on the current operations.

We ASSESS, IMPROVE and EMPOWER your spare parts supply chain organisation to perform better.To enable your organisation to have a better asset performance requires an improvement roadmap tailored to the situation of your spare parts supply chain. This starts with a thorough analysis of your processes and performance.


We analyse, identify potential, and prioritise.

Are you interested in the improvement potential of your spare parts supply chain?

In our spare parts supply chain scan we assess your performance and related processes to identify your improvement potential and prioritise the required interventions to lead you to improve.


We (re)design, optimise and lead you to excel.

We (re)design the basics. We categorize your assortments and apply tailored strategies. We establish the inventory basics and define balanced stock parameters.

We optimise your performance. We implement a continuous improvement cycle, apply dedicated spares modelling, enrich maintenance and criticality information, and enhance supplier collaboration.

We lead you to excel. We implement advanced models and adopt next generation technologies.


We train, coach, and facilitate change.

We train the skills of your people from supply chain foundations until optimising your stocking parameters.

We coach your people on the job when we deploy our interim supply chain professionals.

We facilitate change by engaging with stakeholders in workshops and serious gaming.

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