Innovative concepts for maritime assets

Being experts in the field of MRO and spare parts management we always strive for ‘advanced made simple’ solutions. Solutions for clients to improve spares availability and reduce working capital, despite the complexity in the arena.

Advanced algorithms are the answer to complexity, an intuitive user interface makes it simple. We call this MRO spare parts planning solution: Lanza.


Our mission is to deliver software that is functionally complete, user friendly and technically non-intrusive and secure. 

We offer a complete, very user-friendly solution that is easy to integrate into your IT environment and which is also completely ‘data secure’. In other words, ‘advanced made simple’.

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  • Specialised in MRO and service environments
  • Especially suitable for:
    • Managing repairable parts
    • Dealing with slow movers
  • Dealing with multiple and unrealiable lead times
  • Critical on criticality
  • Optimising multi-echelon networks
  • Reporting with actionable insights

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