Planning Services ensures inventory reduction at NedTrain

Our consulting programs bring about substantial changes. After having realised this change, customers often feel the need to safeguard the results with concrete solutions. Sometimes, no drastic changes are required, just targeted support is needed. Our solutions – Planning Services, Corporate Training and Tailored Tool Development – serve both purposes.


Do you need structural support from your planning department?

Organisations often experience tactical planning to be the most difficult. What is important here is selecting the most suitable forecast and inventory models, and choosing the right parameters within those models. We are able to help you with this in many different ways. Our goal is to enable your planners to add value to difficult product ranges, such as expensive critical parts, for which there has been a limited historical demand.

  • Periodic parameter update
    Planning parameters are connected as if they were building blocks. Keeping the blocks firmly together can be difficult if the process varies. We assist by evaluating and optimising, providing you with a well-built, long-lasting solution.
  • Continuous improvement
    It’s a sad story… the parameters are just right, but things still seem to go wrong. Choosing the right parameters and using them within a framework where mistakes can be used for continuous and focused learning is the route to success.

  • Complete unburdening
    If product ranges are no longer a strategic issue for you, or you have a substantial capacity problem, we can take over the complete planning process for you based on availability guarantees.
  • Temporary staff
    It can be as simple as that: if you need an adept planner who can provide you with a knowledge boost, then a temporary member of staff might be just the solution for you.


How do I get access to a parts planning tool customised to my specific situation?

Sometimes commercial solutions are the perfect fit for your situation: good functionality, proven technology and a flexible support organisation. Many of the commercial solutions that are designed for complex spare parts operations include a lot of features that you don’t need, and not the features that you do need.  In this way you don’t maximally from your investment. We have a flexible and modular development platform that enables us to affordably design and create professional, cost-effective and customer-specific solutions.


How do I ensure that my planners possess the right knowledge and skills to manage our inventories optimally ?

Your people are the most important part of your organisation. This is especially true in the field of service delivery, which has an intrinsic predisposition to chaos, where your people will make the difference. Adequate training will increase the value of your people even more. For your planners, we organise in-company training, in which we put concepts into practice. Your managers will receive multi-company training and learn how to use specific tools to direct logistical service operations. For your  senior managers and high potentials, we regularly organise two-day knowledge-intensive training sessions. From everyday practical cases to the most state-of-the-art information.

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