What unites us?

Passion for logistics is the most important binding factor. But there is more: we convert this passion into making impact on the customer, both nationally and internationally.

We can only make a difference at the customer because there are eight core values ​​in the genes of Gordian as a whole: expertise, courage, experience, reliable, authentic, energetic, result-oriented and being able to meet major challenges. These eight core values ​​determine Gordian’s decision-making and actions.

What does it mean for you? Contributing to the future and continuity of Gordian also means that you put the customer first in everything you do. You listen, empathize and try to fully identify the client’s problems. As a logistics professional you translate the customer’s problems into practical solutions. You use your communication skills to gain support for the solutions. You continuously improve yourself with the aim of increasing your contribution for our customers and for Gordian, but also to realize your personal ambitions.

Because of our customer focus and our ambition to realize real changes, you often work on location of the customer. Thereby, you respond flexibly to customer dynamics. You play a natural commercial role there. You see problems that are not addressed yet and you know how to make them visible in a tactical way. With this, you contribute to the continuity of Gordian.

Gordian attaches great importance to teamwork. Gordian employees inspire, motivate and help each other. This way of working is made possible because Gordian employees are team players, but also because we believe that everyone’s talents are needed to fulfill Gordian’s mission

Finally, ethics and social commitment are of paramount importance to Gordian. This requires commitment, respect for the other, integrity and a good sense of norms and values. We support realistic social initiatives by giving them a boost.