What unites us?

Gordian wants to belong to the cream of the crop! Whether it concerns providing advice on logistical services, providing planning services or realising innovations in the field of logistics service, making our way to the top is the collective goal within Gordian when looking to the future. Our ambition is to become the Benelux service supply chain improver.

To achieve this ambition, we mainly focus on strengthening Gordian’s individuality. We see ourselves as unique because we base our services on eight core values: expertise, courage, experience, reliability, authenticity, energy, results-oriented and the ability to face great challenges. These eight core values define the decisions and actions of Gordian.

Contributing to the future and continuity of Gordian also means that the customer comes first with everything you do. You listen, identify with the customer and try to get to the bottom of the customers’ problems. As a logistics professional, you translate the customer’s problems into working solutions. You use your communication skills to get support for these solutions. You continuously improve yourself with the aim of increasing your ability to contribute to our customers and Gordian, as well as to achieve your own personal ambitions.

Because of our customer focus and our ambition to achieve real change, you often work at the customer’s location. Furthermore, you work flexibly to adapt to the dynamics of the customer. At the customer’s location, you fulfil a natural, commercial role. You see problems that have not yet been addressed and have the abilities to make them visible in a tactical manner. In this way you’ll be able to contribute to Gordian’s continuity.

Gordian is committed to teamwork. Gordian employees inspire, motivate and help each other. This is not only due to the fact that Gordian employees are team players. To truly fulfil Gordian’s mission, everyone’s talent is needed. The trick is to mobilise these talents each and every time.

Finally, Gordian is an ethical company with an eye for social issues. This requires commitment, respect for others, integrity and a good sense of values.