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Varian changes logistics services provider with minimal impact on the current operations.

“In Gordian, Varian found a partner with specific service-logistical knowledge, that understands the essence and urgency of logistics services and can translate this into efficient and service-oriented processes.”

Rutger Vlasblom Director Europe


Continuous coordination between Varian and the Logistics services provider.

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

For the Varian project, we paid a great deal of attention to drafting a joint project plan for Varian and their logistics services provider. In the implementation of this plan, we continually sought and worked towards the implementation of best-fit logistics services processes. The starting point for defining the processes was maximum support through Varian’s ERP system and the WMS system used by the logistics services provider.


Implementation completed with a minimal operational impact.

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

The project to deliver the partnership with a new logistics services provider in 7 countries was completed on time and implemented with minimal operational impact. Additionally, inventory losses during the physical relocations were kept to a minimum.
The achievement of the new logistics resulted in significant annual cost savings and performance improvements.

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