Always on the lookout for the “best fit” solution on behalf of the customer. A pragmatic approach, focused on implementation with a keen eye for the culture and atmosphere of the business.”

Miranda Nooijen


Senior Consultant

Area of expertise

Service logistics
Spare parts/stock management
Supply chain management
Process optimalization
Company training
Quantitative Modelling


Miranda is social, a team player, and, above all, direct. Communicates easily from highest to lowest levels in the organisation, and she has a keen eye for each company's culture and atmosphere. She will only consider a project to be successful if the objectives have been achieved by working with the customer.

Miranda also combines quality with pragmatism. With her background in quantitative analysis and modelling, she quickly comprehends your business situation and in particular, your ERP system. She implements practical improvements with the "optimal solution" in mind and trains your people from the context of their own work situation.

She is not afraid of complex projects. This is evident from the projects she has successfully carried out in the Defence, Aerospace and Rail sectors, where she has delivered large-scale improvements and company-specific training.