Sommige mensen dromen van grootse dingen, terwijl anderen wakker blijven en ze realiseren.

Rogier Zoun


Lead Consultant

Area of expertise

Multi-echelon optimization
Quantitative logistics and operations research
Supply chain and inventory management
Spare parts planning


Rogier started his career at Gordian as a graduate of his Masters in Econometrics: Quantitative logistics and operations research. Characteristic for Rogier: his creative analytical skills and his positive and enthusiastic attitude. His mind is not only developed through his studies, but also because he is a passionate chess player.

Rogier graduated with a study into the development of stock models for companies with a multi-echelon supply chain. He is currently still involved in the further development of this methodology and its application with our customers. But that is not the only thing he occupies himself with; data analyzes, quantitative issues and recruitment are also on his to-do list.

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