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South Africa and the Netherlands join forces in maintenance and logistics

17 November 2015, Pretoria, South Africa

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In presence of Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, Gordian Logistic Experts and Pragma joined forces in spare parts and asset management. The partnership creates business, jobs and innovative solutions in South Africa, the Netherlands, and beyond. The partnership brings together the expertise in innovation in service logistics and sustainable asset management.

In today’s society technical systems and machines such as electricity networks, mining equipment and manufacturing machines are vital to run business operations but also to provide people with basic needs. Operating these assets at their optimum requires excellence in the fields of asset management and spare parts management of which the latter is a key ingredient of asset management.

IMG-20151117-WA0018The South African based company, Pragma, is a renowned global player and expert in asset management. Gordian Logistics Experts on the other hand, is based in the Netherlands and is an expert in spare parts management. As both parties acknowledged that spare parts management is a key ingredient of asset management, a synergised proposition could be built. By enabling each other’s strengths the partnership of Pragma and Gordian is now able to cover an even broader scope in the market while still being able to offer specialised solutions in each field of expertise.

In order to materialise these complementary solutions, Pragma and Gordian signed a partnership agreement. Both companies will enter each other’s markets, expanding their services into an ever growing credible and professional global footprint. The partnership includes:

  • The establishment of Gordian Logistics Experts SA (Pty) Limited; reciprocally Pragma will invest in a European base supported by Gordian, aiming at 30-50 additional jobs between the two continents
  • Joint development in software, methodologies and training
  • Joint organisation of marketing events, such as Business Meets Science seminars on spare parts management in Africa.

The partnership has been supported by TKI Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) in view of international value creation of Dutch expertise in service logistics.

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