Why are there no consultants at the Olympics?

I start my day with working for the largest Dutch aerospace company, after lunch I have a brainstorm session with a supply chain manager of the Dutch railways about their supplier performance and at the end of the day I still have time left to think about smart dynamic methods to tackle the complexity that COVID-19 brings to supply chain management. I think the message is clear, if you like versatility and exciting projects you should look for a job as a supply chain consultant coach.  


Don’t be a consultant, be a coach!
Yes, I don’t see myself as a consultant. To me, a consultant writes reports, presents his results and is good at converting complex problems into complex solutions. A coach is something different, he (or she) helps you solve your problems, so you can do it yourself next time and keep improving yourself. He challenges you to do better and provides you with the steps to take. Just look at the Olympics, I only see coaches, not consultants.


What is the opposite of a rut?
During my studies I had already decided that I would like to work in a coaching or supporting role. The diversity in work and companies ensures that no day is the same. In my four years at Gordian, I have worked on projects for a wide variety of customers from the aerospace, rail, maritime, transport, military, communication, agriculture and manufacturing industries. We love working in  environments with ‘Toys for the Boys’ here at Gordian. The assets are big, fast, technical and impressive. It is never boring and every business is interesting in its own way.


International adventure
Every student’s dream; working for an international company. Despite the fact that Gordian only has 25 employees, we are growing internationally. In Europe but also on different continents. Gordian has an office in South Africa with a team of local experts. We also learn a lot of our international colleagues. Of course there are some cultural differences, which also lead to different communication styles. Yes, you can say that Dutch are sometimes a bit too direct. Where in South Africa you first should have a good glass of wine before you start the introduction.


The Gordian adventure
It is clear to me that I want to continue working as a consultant coach in the coming years. The diversity of the work, people and customers give me an extra challenge and it also boosts my enthusiasm. Taking Gordian’s customers to an Olympic level, creating new adventures with Lanza and expanding our services within Europe and across the world.

If you are interested in becoming an Olympic coach, give me a call!

Meer weten?

Rogier Zoun
Lead Consultant