Tactical inventory management at 1,5 meter distance

A good idea, not only during Corona

Keep your distance! This is the message of our government during the Corona crisis, and I fully agree with that. Not only because of our own personal health but also from a healthy business perspective. Is it not easier to gain a good overview of your supply chain or operation from a distance than when you are part of it?


At Gordian we bring this into practice with our remote tactical inventory management product: “Parts Optimisation Services”. Especially this tactical inventory management (determine stock strategy, managing parameters, and stock control) has, in many companies, no or limited priority and is therefore a kind of a mess in most cases. In medical terms this is very unhealthy.

Intuition technician is no longer sufficient

Is has been a long time since companies owning capital intensive assets based their stock levels on the intuition of technicians. The interests concerning availability (think of an aircraft on ground situation) or safety (failure of critical systems in a nuclear power plant) are simply too big. Also the impact of these intuition driven decisions on necessary investments and operational costs is simply too high.


I do understand that technicians work under the motto: “better safe than sorry” when deciding about spare parts inventory. But the question is if you can afford this approach? After all, you can spend your money only once. And moreover, with this approach you cannot ensure that you have the right parts on stock. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting a long time for parts after the malfunction of a technical system, only because the part was not “in scope” of the technicians earlier.



Value add from an independent specialist

Therefore, my statement is that balancing availability/safety, working capital and operational costs, should be the responsibility of an external independent specialist. Someone who actually looks at all aspects of availability, costs and investments. Most of the time this is not the technician, since he or she is often driven by availability only.

Obviously an independent specialist will not do this in seclusion but in consultation with maintenance/technic, procurement, finance and the end-user. This ensures an optimal balance between availability/safety, working capital and operational costs. You will see that a saving of 30% on costs and working capital is possible while also improving the availability/safety significantly.


At a distance

Good story Ramón, but what about the 1,5 meter distance?! Very simple; at Gordian we deliver tactical (if required also operational) inventory management for our customers at a distance. We have been offering this service for several years now and continue doing so during the Corona crisis. For large customers such as Dutch Defence and Dutch Railways, we import customer data in our SPM-studio, analyse the data and import optimised customer data back into to the IT system. We also report performance and coach operational planners to our customers based on the Deming PDCA cycle.


And the good thing is: we can actually do this from a distance! Are you interested in independent, objective, specialized inventory management from a distance? Take a look at our website or contact us and experience how our experienced specialists can upgrade your inventory management to the next level.

Stay healthy!

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