Improve Alfen’s (production) logistical performance

“Alfen was looking for a consultancy agency that not only had a great deal of logistical expertise, but was also able to implement the required changes. After all, success isn’t the result of successfully drafting a plan, but of its implementation.”


Practical, no-nonsense, people-oriented.

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

The approach for Alfen started with a thorough analysis of the current situation. Based on this analysis, Gordian formulated a plan of change that was completely supported by Alfen. Gordian achieved the required change through the use of specific (production-)logistics expertise, lean-six sigma and the deployment of an experienced interim manager and a motivated team of Alfen employees.


A more reliable process with significantly shorter lead-times

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With Gordian’s help, Alfen realised a formidable reduction in lead-times and became a more reliable partner for its customers. A new planning department, greatly improved material requirements planning and improved production-logistical processes were just some of the results achieved.

This improvement process also resulted in the organisation becoming more stable and formed the basis for future (production-)logistical improvements (e.g. flow production).

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