Contiweb expands service portfolio

“By offering uptime kits, Contiweb is taking a great step forward as a professional service organization.”


Customer-specific uptime kits through new classification

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Contiweb is market leader in web-offset printing solutions. An uptime kit is a spare parts package which contains the most critical spare parts for a certain machine.

With a uptime kit a user can “insure” himself, against long waiting times after unexpected machine downtime. To generate uptime kits, a good spare parts classification in the ERP system is crucial.

Gordian and Contiweb worked together on a new classification for spare parts. With the help of the new standard, the existing master data has been cleaned up and supplemented. In addition, an uptime kit creator has been built. With this tool, Contiweb can easily and quickly generate an uptime kit for a specific machine. The uptime kit creator displays an overview of the most important spare parts per machine. The customer sees at a glance how much uptime each spent euro generates and can easily put together an uptime kit based on this.


Positive responses to first packages

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The new way of working has been implemented and the first results are promising. The uptime kits are now proactively offered after breakdown, rush orders and during customer visits. Customers have responded very positively on the new service. The first kit has been sold and a broad group of customers has shown interest. The service will be further expanded into the different regions.


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