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Damen exploits the enormous opportunities in service

“You’re never really done in the field of service provision since service is not a product, it’s a perception.”


Service Business Transformation

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

Gordian’s approach focused mainly on the implementation of Damen’s vision on Services. This approach consisted of the preparation and execution of work packages in the areas of organisational development, competency development and the development of the required methods and systems.

Gordian also formulated a Service Product Portfolio with Damen, developed specific Spare Parts packages, drew up standard maintenance contracts and established the logistical maintenance chain for one of the contracts that they won.


Transformation from "cost centre" to a profitable business

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With Gordian’s help, Damen built a strong, future-oriented Service organisation. Additional benefit: the service business has a dampening effect on the business in which Damen Shipyards operates, a business sensitive to economic fluctuations.

The transformation from product supplier to a full-service provider turned out to be quite successful to Damen Shipyards. In three years, the organisation grew by 300 percent.

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