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Leonhard HinterHolzer, Senior Manager: Supply Chain Transformation at Dundee Precious Metals: “This has not been an easy journey, but then again, if it was anyone could have done it… The professional Gordian team is quick to adapt and move forward. This made it easy to take on multiple packages within this project, ultimately reducing the overall project timelines.”


Using a comprehensive, front runner approach

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

The impressive copper smelting facility in Tsumeb Namibia,was purchased by Dundee Precious Metals Inc. in 2010. Over the last decade efforts were focussed on upgrading the facility and adding new state of the art assets. The board concluded that the supply chain needed to be upgraded as well to achieve their world-class ambitions.

Gordian proposed a broad approach consisting of four work packages:

Symbiotic to this program is the implementation of a new ERP system (Maximo), creating one truth in all processes including Production and Asset Management.

The success of any transformation program does not only depend on the quality of the deliverables, but also on the level of adoption. To ensure the latter, we started using a “front runner” approach right from the start. These early adopters take part in the development of new processes and will make sure the bigger part of the organisation will follow. Needless to say, these front runners are vital players in the program.

To provide the front runners with guidance and support, a solid governance system was introduced including clear ownership on board level.


Achieving promising results during the journey

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

We are in the middle of our transformation journey. To keep momentum in the program, results must be obtained on a continuous basis. That is exactly what we are doing. A snapshot of the results so far:

  • The majority of supply chain processes have been redesigned
  • Roughly 4000 fast and medium moving spare part items have been categorised and cleaned
  • Some 2500 parts forecasting and inventory parameters have been imported into the ERP system

Nobody said the journey would be easy. And it is not, certainly with the incredible impact of COVID-19. But the results are promising and both Dundee and Gordian are determined to succeed in realizing the fit-for-purpose ambitions.


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