“Energetic, passionate, committed to results, an excellent sparring partner with a sense of proportion.”

Jan Willem Rustenburg


Founding Partner

Area of expertise

Service strategic development
Service logistics
Spare parts management
Management coaching


Jan Willem is a strategist and architect, from the micro to the macro level. He knows how to break complex problems down to their constituent parts, has the ability to develop a clear vision on different solutions and to come up with realistic plans of attack.

As a program manager, he is decisive, not only because of his knowledge and experience, but also because he easily communicates with all levels in organisations and always thinks two steps ahead. And actually... he's also an advocate of proper democracy.

For Jan Willem business development is an exciting challenge; in which he can apply all of his talents. . Sometimes it can go a little wrong, but that creates a learning opportunity so the next time will be successful: and that's what gives him a real kick.

His love for the service logistics business started during his time as a naval officer. In different roles - customer, supplier, doctoral candidate and project manager in a restructuring project - he learned that service logistics service is an art. In 2000, he finally traded his military uniform for a civilian suit to go and work as a logistics consultant. First with a fixed agency until 2005 and then, as an entrepreneur with Gordian.

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