Enexis professionalises Contract management Smart Meters

“Professional contract management makes the difference”


Going on together

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

Based on a “together on the way” strategy, we energetically started a workshop, focused on formulating the mission of the Contract Management department and a vision on contract management for smart meters. We then defined the duties and responsibilities of the contract manager and all persons involved. In various workshops we worked on, among other things, the positioning of the contract manager, the contract review and assessment, the management of the supply chain risks and lastly the contract management.

To be able to support the new way of working, attitude and behaviour included, we chose, in consultation with the contract managers involved, for a mix of individual and team-based coaching. In the individual coaching the focus was on encouraging to take action and on taking obstructive convictions away. In the team sessions we dealt with specific subjects such as the managing of supply chain risks.


Going forward on their own

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

After a period of trial and error and several challenges the contract management had to face (e.g. the recall of a great number of meters, the loss of a supplier and a discussion about superfluous supplies of strategic resources) we can speak of a real contract management organisation. A well-balanced team, contract management included. Not everything is perfect yet, but they are fully equipped to handle the future contract management on their own.


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