Formulate spare parts planning concepts and ensure these for Fugro

“Fugro was looking for an expert to translate theory into practical application in the very specific area of​ Spare Parts Management in marine environments.”



A practical and tailored solution covering all Fugro specific requirements

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Managing spare parts can be quite complex. It requires a different approach for each type of spare part. Moreover spare parts strategies depend on business specific dynamics, such as the maritime characteristics in the case of Fugro.

The ambition from Fugro was not only to understand the solution but to understand the underlying models. For this reason Fugro employees actively participated in the project. They helped to develop the concepts and also a customer-specific training has been included as part of the approach.

Gordian and Fugro typically achieved the required change by working in a joint team consisting of spare parts management experts from Gordian as well as seasoned business experts from Fugro.


Well thought out and guaranteed supply decisions

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The decision with respect to the size and type of inventory within Fugro was often influenced by personal experiences. Supported by Gordian, Fugro developed new planning concepts for the various types of spare parts, in which decisions regarding the inventory are ensured. Gordian also developed an effective spare parts planning tool for Fugro that will support these decisions in the future.

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