Improved Master Data Management generates a €500K saving

“Standardized Master Data will bring a direct positive boost within maintenance, procurement and logistics.”


A data convention and approach based on years of experience

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Master Data is the backbone of every maintenance organization. A lacking structure and logic caused a number of challenges at AEB. First for planning preventive maintenance, searching for materials was unnecessarily difficult and therefore costed a lot of time. Second for creating reports, procurement had difficulties in preparing for tenders. The main challenge was to group materials in buckets for specific tenders, and moreover it was hard for suppliers to understand what AEB exactly wanted to order. Last insufficient Master Data causes unnecessary flows in the warehouse, like duplicate spares on stock and unnecessary rush orders after breakdowns.

Gordian harmonized and standardized the Master Data of AEB in partnership with GWB Data management. We defined a protocol in which the guidelines for creating and maintaining Master Data are captured. Based on this protocol we made a big step forward by updating approx. 16,000 materials. In order to ensure the future quality of the Master Data; Gordian has supported with the definition of new processes and the new Master Data organization. The main goal was to develop an efficient process for maintenance, procurement and logistics.


Improved Master Data generates an immediate positive impact

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The investment in improved Master Data was quickly capitalized by AEB. First the new Master Data was used in a number of big tenders, which resulted in over €500K of savings. Next the stock was reduced by the identification of 723 duplicate, old and obsolete materials. Last there are also numerous indirect positive results. Searching for materials and creating management reports is now much easier for example. A very positive result!


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