Royal Dutch Navy

Planning Services supported the Naval Maintenance Establishment by executing inventory management for a part of the product package.

“The Navy was looking for a consultant with whom they could brainstorm in confidence to keep the ‘logistical saw’ sharp.”


Look for opportunities for continuous improvement in the supply chain.

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

Gordian improved performance within the product package. The value of inventory decreased by 4%, stock availability remained 1% above the norm and the workload within the chain decreased by 25%!

In addition to improved performance, the new planning philosophy enabled the Naval Maintenance Establishment to act more adequately in  specific situations.



Better performance in the chain and a sharper organisation

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

The Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology led the approach. We set targets for stock availability, stock value and workload in the chain. These targets formed the base for a first set of improvement activities.

Over a longer period and supported by the Naval Maintenance personnel, who were required for their specific product and organisational knowledge, Gordian managed a substantial product range. Gordian reported on its progress to management on a monthly basis and continually initiated actions to increase performance.

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