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MGLC starts roadmap for improvement

“Supply Chain Manager MGLC: Thanks to the KPI Dashboard and the associated tools, we not only have an overview, but we can also perform analyzes quickly and easily. We save so much time and know exactly where there are opportunities for improvement. ”


Create peace of mind, ensure proper prioritization and measure performance

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

The Military Medical Logistics Center (MGLC) is responsible for supplying all Defense medical supplies. Gordian drew up an intervention plan for the professionalization of the MGLC logistics chain, using quantitative and qualitative analyzes.

Gordian also developed a company-wide KPI Dashboard. This makes it possible to analyze misperformance and zoom in to the level of the responsible process owner. A dynamic Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) process was set up to continue to improve the performance of the logistics chain. The use of strong analytical tools makes it possible on a daily basis to make the right choices and to prioritize in the hectic world of military missions, strategic reservations and political interests.


MGLC as a reliable supplier

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In a year and a half, MGLC has structurally increased its key KPI’s – delivery reliability and stock availability – by approximately 20%. An optimized logistics concept, a dynamic PDCA process, powerful analyzes and reports have put the MGLC on the map as a reliable supplier in the military medicine chain.

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