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How planning as a service can reduce your inventory

Gordian has been a partner of the Dutch Railways, among others bogey revision in Haarlem, for many years now. With our product ‘Planning as a Service’ we support the spare parts planners by setting the optimal reorder levels on a monthly basis. We check the new parameters on exceptions before exporting the new settings to the ERP system. To finalise the total PDCA-cycle we create and discuss a KPI report to spot unwanted trends and identify misperformance.

In recent years, we have managed to reduce the total stock for turning- and wheelsets revisions by more than 50%. Due to the efforts that the Dutch Railways and Gordian make together, this reduction has remained stable for years.


Covid-19 approach

In addition to our ongoing service, Gordian also carries out improvement projects. In 2020 an interesting question was raised how to deal with the uncertainty in delivery times during COVID-19.  An extra safety time was added based on the demand frequency and the price of a part. At the moment Dutch Railways is looking at how we will scale down this addition.

Bogey revision in Haarlem is a part of the Dutch railways. In Haarlem it also maintains different sets of wheels. Each wheel needs to have a periodic review on damage or repair.

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