Recently the CEO’s of Gordian and Pragma defined a new future for both companies by signing an ambitious Memorandum of Understanding. The agreement will re-inforce the markets and the products of both companies.

Pragma is a South African based company dedicated to physical asset management. Their current market focus is on the Southern part of the equator, with established operations in SA, Brasil and Australia. Gordian is a NL based company dedicated to spare parts management maintenance and service logistics. Their current market focus is on North West Europe.

Combining spare parts- and asset- management information
Both companies are very competent and experienced in their respective fields of expertise. “The complementary nature of spare parts management and optimization, within the broader asset management business area, creates value for a comprehensive client proposition. In this way the result from the collaboration far outweighs the sum of the individual parts”, says Jan Willem Rustenburg, CEO Gordian. For example, using asset management information, such as maintenance plans and criticality analysis, when conducting spare parts demand analysis. The end result is much more reliable.

In an Asset Intensive world the aim is to always ensure that a delicate and optimum balance is struck as far as performance, cost and risk are concerned. Whether the asset is used for delivering a service, manufacturing a product or for providing transport. The combination of the Gordian and Pragma solution drives this value proposition into a whole new dimension.

“The strategy is straightforward and in line with a joint global vision: Gordian and Pragma will join forces in product development in order to maximize value for our customers. In addition both companies will enter each other’s markets, expanding our services into an ever growing credible and professional global footprint.“