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From reactive to proactive with smart data use

ProSeLoNext results

By collecting data with sensors in machines, the Internet of Things makes it possible to predict when maintenance is necessary. Smart use of data in combination with tools such as a service control tower allow us to introduce predictive maintenance and better service logistics, provided that the business model changes accordingly. Research project ProSeLoNext (Pro-active Service Logistics for capital goods – the Next steps) gave us a wealth of tools and practical experiments, thanks to the close cooperation between researchers and seven companies.

Captured in a booklet, Rob Basten (Eindhoven University of Technology), Matthieu van der Heijden (University of Twente) and Ramon Caanen (Gordian Logistic Experts) look back on the project. Rommert Dekker (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Henk Akkermans (Tilburg University) were also part of the scientific core team.

ProSeLoNext is part of the research programme Accelerator of Topsector Logistiek. In this programme, both researchers, business partners, government and societal organisations are working closely together to make existing companies and new businesses activities in the logistics sector more competitive in the short term.


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