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Modificative maintenance at Océ

Improving the Modificative Maintenance process in the hight tech industry

Océ is a global leader in graphic arts, industrial printing and collaborative business services. One of Océ’s products is the VarioPrint i300 (VPi300) printer, which was introduced to the market in 2015. The VPi300 has been designed in a short period of time and as a result there was room for improvement in the reliability of the first version of the printer. In the first few years multiple modifications have been performed; we propose a structured approach to deal with them.

The main topic of this research is Modificative Maintenance, which concerns developing and implementing an improved part in order to improve a maintenance related aspect, such as the component’s reliability. We have created a renewed process for Modificative Maintenance. We have further elaborated three steps in this process and showed the benefits for Océ in a case study. This process could be used in other companies as well and could
improve modification processes in a wide variety of capital goods. The opportunities in this area are enormous, especially since the design times of new machines are decreasing.


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