Proactive service logistics

"This process generates a lot of useful knowledge in areas such as parts pooling, last time buys and pro-active maintenance. Our role is to actively spread knowledge to other companies, research institutions and entrepreneurs."

Jan Willem Rustenburg Founding Partner

Project partners

– Technische Universiteit Eindhoven – Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam – Universiteit Twente – Service Logistics Forum – ASML –
Ceva Logistics – DAF Trucks – Fokker Services – Gordian Logistic Experts – IBM -Océ Technologies – Marel Stork Poultry Processing – Thales – Vanderlande Industries – Dinalog –

Project description

Proactive Service Logistics (ProSeLo)

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

The customer’s demands in the field of Logistics Services are ever increasing. In principle, the systems should always work; quick intervention is a must in the event of problems; and there is a strong focus on Total Cost of Ownership. ProSeLo works to improve the service performance of companies and – by doing that – helping this industry to broaden the service business.  In this project we look at sharing spare part inventories and at new concepts for last buy problems. Furthermore, we investigate proactive maintenance based on the event logs of capital goods. This R&D project forms a basis for the demonstration project Planning Services.


An optimal inventory level

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

The outcomes of the project have delivered numerous attractive results. For Fokker Services, a flexible spare parts management system for moving assets was designed. For Océ, a last-time buy model was developed, which was awarded the Service Logistics Forum (SLF) graduates prize. And for ASML, an intelligent data-mining model was developed for proactive maintenance, which was awarded by the Dutch Institute of World Class Maintenance..

The knowledge is actively disseminated through social media, fact sheets, science-meets-business seminars and presentations for international attaches.

For many students, this has sparked the interest for the service logistics business. Many find their calling while working at the companies where they do their graduation project, or they get jobs where they continue their service logistics mission.

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