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HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply and Gordian launch an ambitious spares management program

The Zoeterwoude and Den Bosch HEINEKEN breweries run at a dazzling speed to meet the market demands. Any kind of unplanned production downtime may directly result in massive losses. Unavailability due to spares is such a potential line stopper.

However, spares come with costs. HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply aspires an optimal balance between spares availability and – costs, and contracted Gordian to support them in realizing that aspiration. A comprehensive program was developed, ranging from master data cleaning, developing procurement strategies and a criticality framework, defining supply chain cost control and optimizing inventories.

The program is manned with multi-disciplinary, committed teams from both HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply and Gordian. In that way we ensure business applicability. Working in these teams is very energizing, sometimes confronting but always with fun.

To sustain all these practices, we use specialized training methods and spares optimisation software of Lanza.

Gordian is proud to work with this global leader in beer production. Needless to say, we will run the extra mile to make this program a success!

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