Asito implements new logistics concept for the supply of materials.

“The results of the new logistics concept are beyond our expectations. The plan to organise the logistics around materials and resources more efficiently, and thereby reduce the number of logistical movements and stock, was achieved relatively quickly.”

Jürgen Donders Partner


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As part of a large-scale improvement program, Asito has dramatically changed its logistics concept for the supply of materials and resources. To make the transition to this new concept, Asito requested support from Gordian.

The essence of the new concept was to deliver from the central warehouse in Almelo directly to the points of usage, instead of supplying local small warehouses. For that purpose, The Netherlands was divided into five geographic regions. Each day one of the five regions was supplied from the central warehouse in Almelo. Supplies are collected and packed into easy to handle crates on rolling containers. Deliveries in the region are distributed to the end-users by the local logistician in that area.


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The advantages of this new concept are:

  • Reduction of inventory in the chain by removing decentralised branch warehouses.
  • Higher material availability at the cleaning locations.
  • Reduction in the consumption of materials and other resources.
  • Minimisation of logistics activities for the object manager.
  • Insight into the use of materials and resources at the object level.
  • Due to the efficient and automated logistics set up, the entire process will eventually become paperless and driving distances will be reduced, which will result in Asito reducing its CO2 footprint.

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