“An energetic and pragmatic leader who knows how to achieve the desired changes and ensure continuous improvement.”

Jürgen Donders



Area of expertise

Spare parts planning/management, (service) supply chain management, acquisition/(performance based) contracting, project- and interimmanagement, integrated logistics support, logistics support analysis, asset management control


Jürgen is a passionate, pragmatic and highly experienced leader, inspirer, line and change manager and senior consultant. He prefers to stand amongst the people to achieve results together. He is able to inspire people and encourage them to take action.

He loves the challenge of combining theoretical models and common sense in practice. On paper, improvement proposals may seem to work, but achieving those improvements in practice is a different matter altogether. Continuous improvement in the desired direction is his top priority.

Jürgen thrives in the workplace, taking responsibility for achieving results, both with his colleagues and the customer's employees. He likes to break down walls, introduce new insights and to help people learn through new experiences. In addition, he is happy to work alongside them as a coach and inspirer.

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