Bayer improves spare parts planning for diagnostic imaging

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Stijn Wouters Product Manager


A phased approach to learn and expand

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Bayer is a major player in the healthcare industry. Amongst other products Bayer produces and services injection systems for diagnostic imaging purposes. It is essential that these injection systems are available for the medical teams in hospitals and clinics at all times. To find the right balance between availability and costs Bayer asked Gordian to implement an advanced spare parts planning tool.

In close collaboration with Gordian, Bayer defined a phased approach to implement Gordian’s Spare Parts Management Studio (SPM Studio) in its organisation; an advanced but intuitive spare parts planning tool.


Complete, simple, flexible

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Bayer’s feedback was clear. The SPM Studio is a complete, simple and flexible tool that gives the planner the ability to calculate inventory parameters, get triggers on exceptions and to generate quick analyses on any deviations in parameters and performance if required. And the journey is still ongoing. With the global scope of Bayer both parties are looking forward to see if and how global deployment of the SPM Studio can be realised.


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