“A clever, analytical and a critical team player with a good sense of the bigger picture and structure. Achieving results as a team is what drives me.”

Stijn Wouters


Product Manager

Area of expertise

Project management
Quantitative analysis
Game theory
Spare parts management
Supply chain management.


Stijn Wouters is an inventory management, quantitative modelling and Supply Chain Management specialist for logistics services. He is a driven and inquisitive team player with a pragmatic and efficient way of working. Focussing on the solution and the customer is his top priority and the driving force behind every project.

In his career as a consultant, he has gained extensive experience in the logistics departments of large maintenance organisations. Former customers include the Royal Netherlands Air Force, The Royal Netherlands Navy, KLM Equipment Services, ECT, NedTrain and Medtronic. Despite the similarities, the degree of maturity within these organisations is very different and they require different solutions.

The projects Stijn is often associated with usually deal with 'Planning and Control' issues at the tactical level. Additionally, Stijn offers exoteric Spare Parts Management training, provides support for the implementation of logistics modules for ERP systems and performs thorough data analyses as part of quick scans and other business cases.

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