Lely realizes increase of spare parts availability

Peter van der Meijs, Manager planning procurement at Lely: “Gordian has helped us to match capacity to needs.”

Rogier Zoun Lead Consultant


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Because of a reorganization, a lot changed at the spare parts department of Lely. More than half of the current planners were replaced. Colleagues who had never done any planning, took over the workload step by step. This however would take some time. Lely reacted proactively and hired a consultant from Gordian, who was up and running in no time, to support the team.

Due to the extra full-time planner, the workload remained manageable and new employees were able to gradually start with the planning activities. First the administrative backlog was overtaken. After that the focus shifted from reactive to proactive planning. Better communication within and outside Lely contributed to the realization of numerous improvements. In the end, Gordian developed an Excel tool to help gaining insight into specific data and automatically converting information into a standard mail for suppliers and warehouse managers.


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After a difficult period, where the spare parts department was often under pressure, a solid foundation has now been laid. Colleagues within the team have mastered their tasks and are ready for the next step. The availability has increased from below 80% to the desired 96%. Now, the goal is to keep the performance on key and improve where necessary and possible. For example, Lely is creating a supplier portal for further improvement of the external communication and information flow. Because the department is now settled and in control, they can pursue further opportunities and possibilities.


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