Planning Services ensures inventory reduction at NedTrain

“Not only ensure the results of the project, but forge ahead with continuous improvement and respond to the dynamics of working in practice. NedTrain and Gordian share this vision. The Planning Services allow us to also achieve significant improvements after the project.”

Miranda Nooijen Senior Consultant


Structure and support through Planning Services

Aanpak - Lorum ipsum

At the end of 2011, NedTrain Refurishment & Overhaul (R&O), together with Gordian, realised a stock reduction of as much as 50% and at the same time, achieved an improved stock availability. To ensure this significant result was not lost, NedTrain R&O firstly decided to appoint a supply chain planner and secondly to receive structural support via Gordian’s Planning Services.

Gordian provides a multitude of services with its Planning Services. NedTrain R&O selected four specific services from the Gordian portfolio, mainly focused on product range management and (tactical) parameter management.


Maximum control!

Resultaat - Lorum ipsum

Over time the organisation and infrastructure of spare parts planning became a well-oiled machine in which NedTrain R&O and Gordian work well together. This way the results of the inventory reduction project will be properly safeguarded. The stock value has since been reduced even further while availability remains at a consistently high level.

NedTrain, partly due to the Planning Services program, is now flexible and agile enough to respond to the dynamics of the organisation and is back in total control.


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