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Jos Geerts – Manager Purchasing Logistics Innovation “Together with Gordian, we are well on the way to transforming logistics within VolkerWessels Telecom into supply chain management. As a result, we can offer more and more customer-driven solutions instead of demanddriven. As far as I’m concerned, this is a very good development.”


Design and implement an improved supply chain for VWT

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VolkerWessels Telecom (VWT) designs, builds and maintains Telecom networks (above ground, underground and indoor) to which applications that society needs are connected. VWT has 1,600 employees who are spread over different business units and work for different customers such as KPN, VodafoneZiggo, T-Mobile, Eurofiber, etc.

VWT wants to take its logistics to a higher level, but also wants to take into account the pace of change that suits its own organization in its approach. That is why, after coordination, the choice was made for an organic change process in which Gordian directs together with the Purchasing and Logistics department.


From warehouse focus to a manageable chain

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It is an intensive and ongoing process and has a multitude of results, of which the most relevant for VWT are:

  • A central item file, set up item management process, minimal stock differences on warehouses
  • Time-saving warehouse applications
  • Stock and rent reduction by merging warehouses
  • Productivity improvement among technicians by rolling out overnight delivery
  • KPI dashboards and active PDCA process rolled out on supply chain activities
  • Material forecasting model based on the business S&OP
  • Successfully designed and deployed in the supply chain organization


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