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Bayer improves planning for medical scans

"It has now become even more important that our technicians only have to visit a hospital once."

In the world of pharmaceuticals Bayer is a prominent player. The company is also an important player in supplying and servicing of contrast injectors. These machines inject contrast fluid into patients during different types of medical scans, such as MRI, CT or PET scans Bayer supplies and maintains these devices worldwide. For hospitals it is vital these scans can be performed at all times. This means that proper planning of spare parts for the maintenance of these injectors is crucial.


Joint implementation

In a phased trajectory Gordian supports Bayer to stock the right spare parts at the right locations in the world by means of smart parts optimisation tooling. The first step in this process is mapping the supply chain of Bayer and the associated flows. Key in this process is the flow of all repairable parts, a flow that involves more complexity than that of consumables. The related ERP transactions are also linked to be able to make a complete data mapping. We specify how the required data from Bayer’s ERP system must be transformed in order to make it work in the optimisation tool. Once this is known, the data interface can be built and eventually tested. The next step is to jointly configure the tool to the needs of Bayer. This means that assortments are created and that the correct settings are made. For example, we determine the stock availability that is required to match Bayer’s business objectives. Ultimately, the goal is that the configuration of the tooling fits seamlessly into Bayer’s operation and that Bayer is able to realise substantial cost reductions and / or an increase in availability. By means of practical system training, we actually ensure that the Bayer organization can get to work and achieves the desired results.


Phased rollout

Bayer will first test the implemented tooling in (parts of) Europe before a global rollout takes place. We opt for a strategy in which a controlled scope expansion is alternated with 3 months of learning. All learning points in each phase are then processed at the sites that are already implemented, but of course also at the sites where the rollout has yet to take place. Ultimately, Bayer will be able to supply their engineers and dealers with the right parts at much lower cost, allowing the various scans in hospitals to be performed without any hassle and Bayer to do this in a cost-efficient manner.



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