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RET and GVB identify significant joint improvement potential

Gordian, GVB and RET conducted an exploratory study in which the synergy and possible cooperation between the public transport companies was investigated. The outcome? By working together, learning together and improving individually in the chain, significant improvement potential can be achieved and performance increases.

Where Rotterdam and Amsterdam are rivals when it comes to football, public transport companies RET (Rotterdam) and GVB (Amsterdam) are working on cooperation in the supply chain of materials.

Gordian facilitated a two-part exploration project. In the qualitative part, Gordian analyzed the maturity of different disciplines so that RET and GVB can learn from each other’s strengths and to determine concrete improvement interventions. In the quantitative part, Gordian identified the improvement potential by collaborating on purchasing strategies, utilizing each other’s repair qualities & resources and jointly managing common parts.

In a concluding workshop, Gordian showed that GVB and RET together can achieve significant efficiency gains, such as a reduction in inventory value, a lower purchasing volume and lower operational costs.

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