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Business meets Critical Spare Parts and Assets Seminar in South Africa

On Wednesday November 9th, Pragma and Gordian organized a very successful business meets science in Midrand on spare parts and asset criticality.


The primary objective of this seminar was to identify risks contributing to unplanned downtime of assets due to lack of spares. Moreover we brainstormed on mitigating these risks. We took a holistic view on the risks, i.e. we did not only take the asset or maintenance angle, but also considered a more wider supply chain perspective.


First Johan Alberts from Pragma set the scene from an asset management perspective. He explained a structured process starting from an asset strategy all the way to spares criticality. Johan stressed the importance of making this process a routine practice (and thus not a once-off project).

Then Francoise DuPreez from AngloAmerican presented their experiences. She adequately combined a maintenance angle and a supply chain angle to cope with this challenge. Interestingly, AngloAmerican is very successful in transferring risks to suppliers using advanced contractual agreements. Finally, she stressed the importance of working together with universities, e.g. when it comes to calculating the required spares from an OEM in the acquisition phase of an asset.

The last speaker was Jan Willem Rustenburg from Gordian. He primarily took a supply chain angle to the topic, and dealt with some common risks and remedies to cope with them. Amongst others he presented the brilliant research of Rommert Dekker on obsolescence, funded by Dinalog.


In 4 teams the delegates brainstormed on the supply chain risks and the ways to mitigate them. As always in South Africa the discussions were very lively. We also included a certain competition element. The winning group received the notorious Dutch stroopwafels.


All presentations of the workshop can be found here:

1. BMC-presentations-overall-and-gordian

2. Johan-alberts_adoption-of-an-asset-management-management-system

3. Du-preez-taute_spare-parts-management

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