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Implementing Condition-Based Maintenance at Fokker Services

Fokker Services focuses on providing availability services within the aviation industry with an emphasis on maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. Fokker continuously aims to improve its maintenance practices, and therefore wants to investigate the possibilities of implementing condition-based maintenance (CBM). Fokker, however, does not know on which components it should implement CBM, and if this implementation will benefit them. Therefore, this study focuses on two topics: the requirements and processes necessary for implementing CBM and the benefits that such an implementation can give. For the first topic, we create a methodology for selection of components for CBM implementation and a framework for the implementation of CBM. Next, we create a mathematical model that is able to assess the benefits of CBM implementation for the second topic. In both topics, we apply the methodology and model in a case study at Fokker to assess the effectiveness.


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Jan Willem Rustenburg
Founding Partner