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From innovative buzzwords to clear supply chain value add

Control Towers, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Intelligence Amplification, Virtual reality, and Additive Manufacturing. These words are all over the news and are presented as giant leaps to massive success. Unfortunately, reality is a bit more complex. Yet, Gordian does believe these concepts can have significant value. However, a pragmatic vision is needed.

Classifying the methods

There is a wide range of innovations relevant in the world of service logistics, each with its unique applications. Broadly, we classify them as either data-focused and business process-focused.

Data-focused innovations rely on adding value to supply chain decision-making processes using data. This is done in three different ways: gathering data, sharing data, and interpreting data.

Business process-focused innovations transform the way regular processes are performed. Either by providing additional support to existing processes, such as visually supporting engineers during maintenance tasks using Virtual Reality, or completely overhauling the process, for example by insourcing supply by using Additive Manufacturing.

Creating a 1 + 1 = 11 effect

There is significant synergy between these innovations. When innovating, it is should be considered that implementing multiple complementing innovations yields far greater benefits than one sole innovation by creating a 1 + 1 = 11 effect.

To exemplify, consider the implementation of the Internet of Things, greatly valuable in gathering relevant data from your assets. However, if we are gathering data for the sake of gathering data, we are missing the point. Therefore, for the Internet of Things to add value to your organisation, the resulting data should be utilized in an effective way to support decision making. This is where IoTs synergy with for example Artificial Intelligence comes in: asset usage data is gathered using IoT and AI is used to recognize patterns to predict future asset failure.

Our promise: Lanza

Innovations are worthless when they are not applied. Lanza is a new digital platform where these innovations become practical, see also In this advanced, but simple, spare parts planning application all kinds of information comes together and is evaluated into the best possible planning decision. Lanza covers solutions ranging from traditional analytical methods that result in stock parameters, to the use of Artificial Intelligence and other smart innovations that assist planners to put the right parts on stock or to intervene in the service supply chain if needed. In the end, the promise of Lanza is to keep ensuring asset availability with the least possible costs in a simple and intuitive way.


Get experienced
At Gordian, we are passionate about innovations, and especially about their practical applications. Therefore, together with subject experts from all sectors, we have developed a Service Logistic Experience. The Experience lets participants get to know and actually experience the benefits of different innovations, while also giving practical tips on how to start innovating yourselves.

Are you interested in leveraging innovations to make your service supply chain future-proof? Make sure to attend the next Experience and stay tuned!


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